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Originally Posted by cwsqbm View Post
There are plenty of salvage yards that sell recycled airbags online. A ten year old airbag that didn't deploy is just as good as the original ten year old airbag was before it deployed. Legality doesn't seem to be an issue for most states.
It is only illegal if you are caught; except in some circumstances where morality also plays a part.

The biggest problem with deployed air bags is the damage caused to other pieces. If the A pillar bag deployed, you're goiong to have to also replace the trim pieces which will be around $100 of eBay. Again, if you'll will provide more details or pics I can give you a ballpark figure of what you're looking at and then AND ONLY THEN, can you make an informed decision of what to do next.

In fact, it is pointless for anyone else to waste any more time on this issue without further details.

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