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More on ABS Trifecta - Brake Pressure Sensor

To test the brake pressure sensor, I originally used a needle soldered to a wire that I could attach to a meter. I then found 18-22 gauge snap on connectors at Radio Shack - 3 connectors for $2.00.

I have the sensor "flying wire" soldered to the white/blue wire. I was going to peal back the wrap around the three wires and snap in the connectors but I dont think I need any more information. The blue/black is a relative ground and I measured this to the strut tower with a measured value of 0.64 volts. The Violet/Black wire measured 5 volts against the strut tower ground. Measured against each other the value was 4.36 volts. This may be ok as it sets up a range of values from the sensor wire. In fact the no pressure value was .64 volts. Some pressie on the brake was 1.25 volts and substantial pressure was 2.5 volts.

If I do any more, I will bring the sensor wire into the car and put it to a meter with the meter grounded to something in the car. Then go out and test various brake pressure up to and including the ABS pulsing to see what values there are.

Having said all of this, I still suspect the module. For now, I will just live with the sporadic trifecta bug. I have established that it will not prevent the car from passing SMOG.

BTW, Blue Bee or anyone in the Bay Area, Do you know of a good Indy. I have a chance to buy an 2004 E46 6 speed with a performance package and would like to get it looked at before I go there from Goleta.

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