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Originally Posted by Ripred View Post
I find it funny how I am being pointless. I've stated when thing are my opinions and when they are facts. You know what iOS is great for? My two year old son because he can just click away. I guess I find it dumb.

How am I being narrow-minded? I've dealt with 100s of devices(well it seems like 100s) and seen all the crap about a lot of them. One thing I've noticed is no matter what apple puts out people come out to defend it like crazy. I admit that BlackBerry was crap.

I applaud the apple marketing team, I really do. They can market features that have been used on other devices as brand new and people believe them. Its almost to the point where the new iphone could be shaped like a cone and people would buy it. They even tried to convince people they were holding the phone wrong LOL.

Again these are my opinions, but I'm sure 1000s of others will agree with me as well.

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