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Originally Posted by sunny5280 View Post
It doesn't matter what you were told. The car had a salvage title due to water damage. The insurance company totaled the vehicle for a reason. And it wasn't because they had too much money laying around and didn't know what to do with it.

Uh, no. It had a salvage title due to a huge tree branch smashing out the sunroof, denting the roof, hood and fender. I was specifically told that the car DID NOT have water damage. I was also told that it was driveable and that I could obtain a 3 day temporary tag from the Virginia DMV to drive it home.

The bit about the 3 day tag was a lie. The local DMV told me they NEVER issue temporary tags for salvaged cars. So the dealer had lied to me. I know, what a shock.

Originally Posted by sunny5280 View Post
It's not an unreasonable request. What was unreasonable is to threaten them. If they did anything for you it was because they were being nice. Not because they owed you anything.
They had encouraged me to drive the car home. As I said, I own a full size truck and have free access to my brother-in-law's trailer so I was perfectly fine towing the thing home...except they told me it would be fine to drive it, including lying about the three day tags.

Had it made it out of the county I would have chalked it up to laissez faire, buy at your own risk, capitalism. But since it didn't make it to the next zip code I felt that the dealer should help me out at least as far as getting the thing out of the way of the log trucks that were zooming buy on the mountain road where it was perched.

Originally Posted by sunny5280 View Post
My objection has nothing to do with the dealer but rather someone expecting others to take care of an issue with a vehicle that was totaled by an insurance company and had a salvage title. IOW you had full knowledge this might be a problematic vehicle yet somehow you feel this is their responsibility and indicative of the reliability of BMW's in general. That's plain foolish.
I only threatened to stop payment on the check after they at first refused to help me and again lied about the three day tag.

After further conversation the dealer sent the mechanic and then called me the next day to see if I needed any further assistance. They offered to send a couple of guys to where I had stashed the car to help push it onto the trailer but it turned out I didn't need the help. They said they were interested in keeping my business in the future and asked me to let them know how things turned out.

You of course are entitled to your opinion. If I had sold a guy a car and it didn't make it out of shouting distance I would certainly be amenable to helping the guy at least get it to a safe place. Your moral code may be different. Remind me never to do business with you in the future.
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