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Originally Posted by SailinSand View Post
I remember when I found my 530i (2007) w a stick. I tried to act like I didn't was great. I taught a couple of girlfriends how to drive stick in that- super easy (compared to my ///m roadster at least).

I'd always drive a stick if I could.

Why are sticks going the way of the dinosaur? I don't get it???

I think that most driving schools/education businesses are teaching on auto to minimize clutch replacement.

Back when I was in high school it took me forever to find a school that had a manual, didn't really help me much because the instructor had a set of brake and clutch pedals on his side and I didn't have to headbang my way through learning first and reverse. The first stick shift I drove after that was a family friend's 540i M-sport, I was hooked after that(once I figured out that reverse was on the other side).
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