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Very well, although 100k is about the life span of E53 suspension components especially with 4.4 motor as it is a very torque filled engine. Your average Ford Explorer, Chevrolet S10 will need front end parts way before 100k. Yes it will be cheaper to replace parts on those vehicles, but once again, compare the two to an X5 - handling, ride comfort, agility and performance is not even close to be matched. Cheaper overall price tag of the vehicle usually yields that the repair will be cheaper and expensive price tag - expensive to repair. Do not expect that since you paid $50k for a car, it will last longer - it is just the same mechanical beast as the Hyundai Accent for 9,999 new, only it has wood grain, nav, leather and lots of engineering put into its chassis.

E60 535 that needed the front thrust arm bushings? An item that has common failure due to the high strung chassis geometry. Yes I know they fail, I have seen front thrust arm bushings last over 100k in E60s and fail as low as 50-60k miles like yours, short driving and abrupt braking will kill them. (i am not picking on your driving style, I am giving an example).
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