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Skarv's guide to CPO should be a sticky.... makes all common sense

Originally Posted by Skarv View Post

So back to CPO:

If you can't afford a big repair, but you can afford the CPO, then buy it. (good decision for financial reasons)
If you can't sleep at night, or enjoy your car in the day, because you might get a big repair, buy it. (good decision for non financial reasons)
If you have reason to believe your car is 'at risk' then buy the CPO.
If you can afford repairs, and can sleep knowing you can lose this bet that has odds in your favor, the let the CPO pass. (good decision for financial reasons)

Final footnote: All of the above is irrelevant if you bought an Audi!! In the experience of my friends, (non scientific survey) you own an Audi, you buy the CPO. One of these was a tow truck driver who said "another Audi today" as he picked up my friend's dead one. I have never seen more major trouble in a single marque. Seems the odds are stacked in your favor with Audis

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