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Originally Posted by bmwmanz2 View Post
I like your thinking . Why put a ford part on a BMW when you can use the quality BMW piece that will last and be designed for the particular car?
I'm not wanting an argument - but - antifreeze is antifreeze (within reason) so why would antifreeze for a Ford be any different than antifreeze for a bimmer?

Assuming similar engines and similar expected use, antifreeze for one engine would be the same as antifreeze for the next similar engine - no matter who makes that antifreeze.

Of course, any SPECIFIC antifreeze will have its own chemical makeup - and THAT is worth discussing - but - whether Ford makes it (or specifies it) versus whether BMW makes it (or specifies it) is, to me, absolutely meaningless as a comparison.

The only difference between Ford and BMW is the M A R K E T I N G.

If you fall sway to marketing, then, by all means, only buy the blue stuff. If you want chemistry, then first read all that is in the links I provided.

Take specific note that the water we analyzed from NY and from where I live (San Jose) easily meets BMW specifications - so you can save that distilled water for the battery (where it actually matters more).

Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
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