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Brake booster Vacuum Check valve and grommet replacement on 335i

There was a thread about a hard brake peddle upon car sitting over night, So the tread said the check valves were known to leak and or the grommet was leaking, well I purchased the check valve, about 30 bucks and the grommet(BMW calls it a gasket) for like 3 bucks. I just finished replacing them on my 2007 335i, it was a pain, ended up taking the cabin filter out and the cover under the cabin filter, and I un bolted the ABS module, I didnt disconnet any break lines but it did give me more room to pry the old check valve out, the Grommet was easy to get out, a little more difficult to install, but I did manage to get it back together. Now I will see if by sitting overnight the vacuum holds in the booster and the peddle is easier to push down, I did check the old unit by sucking on the valve and it was leaking so that was the problem, . so hopefully that will take care of the hard peddle issue

minor tools needed to do the repair but a set of locking hemostats came in handy griping the grommet while lining it up and working it back in with a screwdriver.

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