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Originally Posted by JPetrillo View Post
No issues whatsoever. I love it and I'm very happy I decided to do this mod. It's a very subtle addition, but it effectively spices up the rear and gives it some life! The pictures came out okay, but as always, it looks even better when you see it in person.

Did your spoiler come with a roll of 3M Automotive Tape? I used almost the entire roll. I lined the tape along the bottom of the spoiler so the bottom was entirely covered in tape. When you get towards the two ends of the spoiler where it gets very narrow/skinny, just cut a strip of tape in half down the middle to make two skinny pieces that will come almost all the way to the tips.

Once I had the bottom of the spoiler completely covered in tape and ready to be installed, I used a Windex/water mixture (50% Windex / 50% water) to dampen the trunk. I recommend this, but don't use a lot. All you need is just a tiny bit of solution on the trunk to add some moisture; don't add so much where it's dripping wet. This will allow you to slide the spoiler into position to get it perfectly lined up. Once you have it in position, press down firmly and hold it there for a minute or two. At first, it will feel like it doesn't want to stick because the trunk was somewhat wet. However, just keep holding it in position and pressing down and eventually it will stay in place by itself. At that point, either let it sit to dry, or do what I did and take a hair blow dryer to it. I ran the hair blow dryer up and down the spoiler for maybe 15 minutes, and after that it felt super glued to the trunk. That spoiler isn't going anywhere.
That's great feedback!! Thanks again for the detail. You're right though, it's not a big mod by any means, but the outcome certainly is. Yes, mine did come with a roll of 3M tape. But I think I'm going to wait for the first day it's close to 50 degrees outside to install it. I don't have a portable heater to warm it up in the garage for the time being, and once it's on, I want to make sure it stays on. Glad you had success with the 50/50 Windex and water mix. I was on the fence about using it, but now I definitely will.
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