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I can assure you liquids do indeed find their way between those foam pieces. On top of several people experiencing water leaks from the truck lid or even the sun roof, which drain into the spare space, ANY liquid spilled in the truck finds it was down there.

In my case my wife had liquid detergent in the truck, the lid broke and it spilled. rather than just draining below the bottom insulation piece if easily found its way between the 2, and decide dto fill up those spaces, submersing my TPS Monitor and computer under detergent.

I saved the computer, but the TPSM was shot...corroded beyond repair.

Several other people have said spilled coolers, orange juice, soda etc, get down there as well...the liquid flows under the mat and then runs upseide down which allows it to go anywhere and everywhere.

Im relocating my electronics today...I just dont know what the black Recatangular module is...But moving it all regardless.

Its a crappy place to put any electronics - Im rather shocked the German Engineers would ever have even thought to put them there.

Originally Posted by Dishoom View Post
Great write-up! I found it really useful in moving my modules this weekend. In my case, I had a couple of more things to move. However, after relocating everything, I started to wonder if moving things on the side of the trunk, near the tail lights and just under the trunk surround is actually better than where it was located. It just seems more exposed. Can't water get into the sides of the trunk as well?

Given that the factory location is sandwiched between two layers of insulation, does water really get in there? I'd imagine there would have to be at least 3-4 inches of water before it would seep in between the gap of the two foam panels.

Here's what mine looked like before moving things. Sorry, didn't take pics of my relocated components.

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