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Originally Posted by Frank Rizzo View Post
Did you put tile on top of tile? Did you have to undercut your doors a lot?

Was that room was an addition? You step down into it and it looks like the ceiling height is a little lower.

14ga running to the outlet, but 12ga to the lights
Well, *I* didn't, but the contractor did. Underneath is slab, so it was nice and flat. We did tile in one kitchen where the contractor put tile over the linoleum. It's still fine 20 years later, so this should be OK, too.

The room was an addition about 30 years ago as far as we can tell. It is actually sunken by about 4-5" from the rest of the house. The ceilings are the same level throughout. They're just a bit taller in this room. I believe it was a large back porch when the house was built ~45 years ago. When we moved in 9 years ago, we did a lot to the house, but it took some 'living' time before I figured out what I wanted to do with this space.

Here's what the space looked like at purchase:

This is an idea what it looked like before- a single door to the pool area. The windows and the opening from the hall were off center:

The outlet power you see is existing (aluminum) wire. It's very common around here for homes built during the Vietnam conflict when copper got silly expensive. As I understand it, they didn't know at the time that aluminum wire could start fires so readily. Now, we have to put this 'goo' on it so that it doesn't vibrate the wire nuts off and start a fire when tied to a copper wire. The switch plate power was in place from the remodel 9 years ago. One of my big objectives for this space was to rid the house of the last bit of wood panels. This stuff was what I imagine was called 'honey gold' when it was put in. There must have been 6 coats of paint on it before we added the neutral beige.

Another big change is the arched opening. There was an opening before, but it was off center because of the 10' deep closet we added so long ago. That opening was also not arched- a theme that we began throughout our other projects. Now the opening is arched and centered with the same bull-nosed corners we added to the rest of the house 9 years ago. The only existing door prior to this effort was the one in the corner- a closet. We added that closet and another in the master bedroom when we gutted the place. We did have to trim the closet door by about 1". The doors leading outside were the biggest part of this remodel project. They and the side lights are new. After the home invasion, I am actually replacing these brand new doors with more secure ones.

And this is how it was for about 8 years. You can see the off-center opening and the crap-tastic windows. We actually replaced them and added shutters in the rest of the house a year prior to this project:

I will try to compile some pictures into a meaningful progression as I gain access to them. I'm out of town for another week.

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