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Originally Posted by 1bad540 View Post
congrats again bro, great stepup from the 745. Let us know how u like the car. Im on the fence about a newer 750 myself.
I absolutely love this car. Believe it or not I was sad to trade the 745 in but happy to get the newer car. My 100 mile drive home made me pretty much lose my sadness. This car is so much faster and tighter. The ability to switch suspension firmness and transmission set points is amazing and really changes the car. The comfort setting makes the car incredibly soft over bumps...reminds me of my Dads Lincoln Town car floating down the highway but much better looking. The sport and sport plus modes transform the car into a super well handling and quick vehicle.

David (Db750) said he thought it felt quicker than his M6. On my way back home from picking it up I was stopping at Dairy Queen to get my kids a drink. I was sitting at a red light and I switched the Sport Plus mode on. When the red light turned green I hit the accelerator maybe halfway down and the rearend of the car broke loose and fishtailed sideways. I was very shocked and my boys were cheering. It definitely has plenty of power.

Tons of electronic gadgets like a 12 GB hard drive to download music to. All of the settings are turned off and on through the idrive like triple flash turn signals and what information you want to show on the instrument panel.

If your on the fence, go drive one and you will be hooked.

My only complaint would be that I liked the cup holders on my 745 better.
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