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Originally Posted by Suri [TBR] View Post
Congrats on the purchase man! And David, I knew you were an awesome guy but wow, now I'm even more impressed

I'm sure you must be elated! Don't forget to keep us updated with anything you do to the car
Thanks Suri! Haven't seen you on here as much lately. Please return to your old posting regimine.

Originally Posted by jkess114 View Post
David, you are an absolute mensch.
Had to look that one up. Thanks!

Originally Posted by UNDR_THRTY750 View Post
I don't know why they made the I version let alone why someone would purchase one myself included. Congrats anyway!
Huh? Your profile says you have an i. Not only that, but a Tahoe as well which is basically the short wheel base of the Suburban.

Originally Posted by wjjklj View Post
Thanks Suri. I may put some Vossen CV1's on it. Also thinking of ditching the runflats for some Continental DWS's. I also saw the Dinan tune which takes it to around 500hp. Probably will just keep it stock for now though as it is too cold here to do anything.
The CV1's will look awesome Dinan tune would be a must, but I agree with enjoying the car as is for now. I believe BMS also has a tune for the 750. Check out N54tech for more info. Their tunes (like many others) are stronger than Dinans and of course cost a fraction of what Dinan charges.

Originally Posted by wjjklj View Post
You know I will miss my 128's but these are style 252's and growing on me with the two tone color scheme. Everyone has different taste, which is fine but I have always liked the "i" version better. I has a sportier appearance I think. Thanks.
I think the wheels on the car are awesome. They actually look like custom wheels with the Ferric Grey finish. It would be nice if they were 20's though.

Originally Posted by 1bad540 View Post
congrats again bro, great stepup from the 745. Let us know how u like the car. Im on the fence about a newer 750 myself.
Don't drive one if you don't want to buy it. I am definately considering buying one now that my M6 is out of warranty as of today The car has been quite unreliable and has spent at least three weeks at the dealer since last April. It has been there for the last week for a suspension squeek, windshield washer jet broke, and trunk doesnt raise all the way when opened. It has also had the SMG pump replaced which left me stranded and an alternator replaced which nearly left me stranded hours from home. There have several other minor issues as well.

As Bill said the car is FAST. In normal driving it has more of a tendency to snap your neck than the M6 due to the always there torque. I can't imagine what this beast would feel like with a tune.

The new features are awesome as well. The new idrive is of course great. I love the hard drive and it plays DVDs which is pretty cool. Bills car also has the camera package which has the backup camera as well as cameras mounted on both sides of the front bumper. The black panel display is also very nice. By the time I was done checking out the car it had gotten dark and the way the interior illuminates is breath taking. The quality of the interior materials is fantastic. I believe the leather stitched dash is standard and the leather is like butter. The steering wheel is awesome. Perfect size and has the very soft leather like my M6.

One thing I mentioned to Bill on the phone is how the car really transforms when going from comfort to sport and sport plus. In comfort mode the car is just that; very comfortable. Switch it into sport plus and it becomes a beast. The suspension tightens up and the car pulls very hard. It will hold a lower gear, and when floored will rev all the way to redline.

Overall I am very impressed with the F01. It feels much more sporty than my old 750i. Hopefully brother Bill will post up some interior shots. The interior on that car is super clean.

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