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Originally Posted by K-A View Post
Great info. Okay, so the system is smart enough to know when to apply the compressor even when A/C is on, good to know. So you guys are saying that on a BMW, having the compressor on at all times robs absolutely NO power and MPG (like it does on pretty much any "normal car")?
I'm not sure anyone said running the compressor won't affect engine output. I believe it will. However, and even your MB worked this way, German cars use variable output compressors -- you won't hear the constant clicking on and off that other cars do. Basically, the compressor clutch is engaged once just after the car is started, and it is engaged all the time after that (when snowflake button is "on", and except for very cold ambient temps mentioned earlier).

Oh, and what does the "A" and "M" mean on the air-recycle button. I figure "Auto" and "Manual", but does it basically mean that it'll figure out for itself when to recycle the cabins air (as opposed to bringing in outside air) if you have it clicked to "A"?
See responses above.
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