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Originally Posted by SARAFIL View Post
How do you figure?

The only thing he should be paid is "actual cash value"... what amount that represents is up for debate, but it's not going to be MSRP once he drives the car off the lot. In particular, it's last year's model since a "new" car right now is a 2013.

Value will be based on what the selling prices are for similar cars in the market, but that won't be MSRP. Insurance company can search listings within a given radius of the OP (either used cars with similar mileage, or leftover 2012s) and see what the dealers would sell them the car for.
I understand that, but it even though it is a 2012, It was a brand new car owned for less than a month with less than 1,000 miles on it. I was completely 100% not at fault in the collision, therefore I feel I should have the car replaced with a new one. Good luck finding a used 335i from 2012 with 1,000 miles on it...

Either way, I have my attorney representing me, and he's taking care of anything. I'm just tasked with finding a replacement which unfortunately, has proved an almost impossible task. There's are not that many 335is out there.
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