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Finally had the time to have a proper look..

Before I did anything else, I decided to do a bit of clean-out (as you do!). While picking up the rubbish from the back seat area, I noticed the carpets were soaking wet even though we've not had rain for over a week. Investigation revealed masses of water under the back seat, carpet in the boot (sorry, trunk) had mold on it although there was little sign of water there. Given that the electrical bits had been immersed for a while, I wonder if this might have contributed to the problem.

Moving on to the original problem...

Did a visual check under the bonnet (erm...hood) and saw nothing untoward. So onto inside the car...

Tried to get the lower panel by the pedals off and managed to see a few things, but not much. Then took the side trim in that area off and much more was revealed. I couldn't see any burnt or pinched wires, although there was one wire that the electrical tape had started to come off. It did look rather like a rat's nest in there though. (Also found something that looks like it might be an second doesn't work either!). Oh, and there were 4 wires that had been cut (not burnt!), but I couldn't see the other ends so I assume they were "replaced" by other wiring, maybe for that second alarm thing.

As there was nothing obvious, I decided to replace the fuse and hook the battery back up. No problem. Fuse did not blow.

Then I started the car. The intruments did their thing initially. HOWEVER, smoke was pouring out from under the instrument panel where I had opened it. I didn't want to keep running it to see if the instruments would go "dead" again so switched off the engine. The upside is that the fuse was still good!!

So now the big decision....keep going and rip the dash apart. Or throw $$ at it and call an auto electrician.

I suppose at this point I should mention that I am female (50+ years old), have a bad back and have problems with my eyes!!!
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