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So it's been three days... and it had its first autobahn outing yesterday though it was only on the Swiss autobahn which are 120kph maximum (unless you care to get your n*ts chopped off by the local plod). Fuel economy so far has been 7.7l/100km aka 30mpg (US gallons) or 36mpg (imperial gallons). Maybe time to review the options choices:

Optional extras that I did order
248 Steering wheel heating
-- definitely a nice to have. It was just below freezing last night before the journey back to Zurich but the heated wheel plus heated seats made things warm and toasty before I knew it. You don't want to have it turned on for very long though... it wasn't exactly an expensive option anyway, so I'm glad I got it, but I might not order it again. For now it's a take it or leave it, but mind you, I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when I take it out skiing and it's -10C!

2VB Tyre pressure monitor
-- without a spare tyre in the boot, I think it's worth it just for peace of mind.

358 Climate comfort windscreen
-- probably worthwhile, won't notice it until the summer I don't think.

3AG Reversing camera
definitely necessary on such a large car - it's quite a beast to park and the rear + top-view cameras are an enormous help.

3MC Roofrails high-gloss Shadow Line
looks great - would order again

417 Mechnical rear-window Sunblinds
a good-enough replacement for 761 dark-tinted rear glass

453 Seat ventilation
no first impressions yet, but no doubt it'll be really nice in the summer

456 Comfort seats, electric
the only choice that goes with 453, and they can grip your body enough to feel like sports seats... feel like a good choice

5AG Lane-change warning
definitely very handy to have. you get used to the car after a while and the wing mirrors are really good, but it's nice to not have to crane your neck to double-check the blind-spot, and they also detect people approaching quickly from behind too.

5DF Active stop-and-go cruise control
yes, well worth having despite my initial misgivings - it's a truly great feature!

5DL Surround View
expensive... but worth it for the views it affords

610 Head-up Display
expensive... but again quite worth it!

676 HiFi speaker system
nice enough... and it didn't cost the earth

6WB Multifunctional instrument display
very nice to have!

8TH Speed Limit Info
very nice to have! There are about a million "Blechpolizisten" (lit: steel policemen) dotted all over Zurich and this already saved my bacon twice already in the last three days.

And out of the things i didn't get, it turns out that 4M8 are just fancier rear reading-lights and the regular ones are just fine anyway. Maybe I'll wish I'd got the luggage system 418, maybe not - you get 4 luggage eyes anyway. And 5AD isn't worth it in Europe IMO, but I can see its use in places like Oz or the USA where there are far longer stretches of straight roads with minimal or no traffic.
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