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Originally Posted by ard View Post
You should replace all Aluminum wires. Adding NoAlox (the grey goop) is NOT protection against fire, wire failure, etc. The goop prevents corrosion of the aluminum, but the AL wire still can fail. The wire nuts dont vibrate off, the wire breaks and the current arcs across the break - generating heat and leading to the fire. Or, this happens in the cable itself, when an errant ding during construction causes a weak spot then it is stressed by settling.

Is this work being inspected??

I wired a lot of houses in the 70s when AL was popular- it was just cheap crap and I never used it. Given labor and other equipment costs, running AL romex for 15 or 20A circuits was a false economy- maybe saved 10% on a job. Popular with budget builders...

Again, get rid of it all. IMO

Yeah it was inspected. Legacy wiring is exempted from code. It's been 9 years since we did the major wiring and we haven't had an issue. ~45 years since the place was built and no fires. We're aware of what *can* happen, but it hasn't. None of our 800 neighbors whose homes were built at the same time have had an issue attributed to AL wiring. At least not according to the HOA logs from back to the 70's.

The neighborhood was custom builders including my wife's parents who used their own plans around the corner from our current home. It was set up so that any one builder could not build the same home on the same street or in the same view as a similar plan to keep the neighborhood from looking like a cookie cutter. They even had a requirement that your garage door could not be on the same side as the face of your house. It could be off to the side or around back, not facing the street except on the secondary corner.

Ours, her parent's and our immediate neighbors who built and still live in their homes have direct experience over 40 years with the wiring leads that us to believe that the hype around it is *more likely* to lead to an *unlikely* problem.
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