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Turns out I have water in the rear foot well area. Did not see it when I inspected the car, maybe the dealer was vacuuming it daily - who knows.

Small leak in the rear trunk, turns out the hose for the wiper fluid has a break in it (not the connector) and I will have to replace the hose that leads to the exterior nipple.

Pulled apart the floor carpet (rear right) and pulled out the front passenger seat and wiggled off center console. A fair bit of water under there but guess what? There is NO connector for that hose under there !!! Everyone says the hose connector must have come apart, it doesn't exist !!! It's a 2006 pre-facelift X3
We ran the rear wiper while spraying water and nothing showed up in the water pipe. My guess is that all that water got there via the broken vapor barrier. I can see no other way for the water to get there. No rust at all.

Fixed the vapor barrier, tested, no incoming water any more, so I hope that was it. This week I guess I will put the carpets back together.
QUESTION: if the carpets are damp (I did not completely remove both seats and the rear carpet -- seems like a crazy amount of work) will it eventually dry off if no more water is incoming? It seems like the foam holds a lot of water (which I squished out by hand) it should eventually be okay no?
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