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UK BB10 Customers

“Got mine from Carphone Warehouse in central Bristol today. Inserted my EE 4G chip and was set up in no time. Within an hour of using it, the decision was made to sell my Samsung Galaxy S3. It's like a kid's toy compared with the BB Z10. Outstanding.”

“Yep, picked mine up this morning from CPW too. Really very impressed so far, but then I knew I would be.
Bye bye Apple iPhone 5!”

“Wooo my BB Z10 today ........very impressed with everything so far.......getting used to the gestures. Loving the look of BBM, had to add a few friends with legacy OS devices so haven't yet tried out the video and screen sharing options , overall I am loving the screen (absolutely gorgeous) and the time shift. #BB10BELIEVE”

“Well so far I am very impressed, very fast and smooth. I have been using it solidly for the last four hours after charging it fully and it has about 70-75% battery left. First time I have used a touch screen keyboard since the iPhone 4 and I am blown away by how easy it is to type for a physical keyboard lover like me.”

“Freakin' awesome!!!!!!
Got mine this lunchtime from O2 and I'm blown away by how mature this is for a 1st gen OS. If this is V1 of the OS then I am so excited about the future for Blackberry.
I can't believe anyone - even iPhone using journos - are giving this anything other than 5 stars.
It is VERY quick, easy to use once you master the gestures, feature packed, nice to hold in the hand, great sound quality all round, and just a pleasure to use.
I feel sooooooo sorry for all you Americans when us Brits are having such fun. But trust me, it will be worth the wait.”

“This is my first Blackberry for years and so far I'm very impressed. Anybody want to buy a redundant HTC One X Plus?”

“Took me 20 seconds to figure out how to use it. I absolutely love the device and will be buying one as soon as I am able to. My 2 co-workers also tried it. The iPhone user actually figured it our fairly quickly and was quite impressed. The Android user (former BB) is sold and wants one now as well.”

“Went into PC world this evening to buy some stuff and they have a Phones4u shop in there. Saw that there was a big BB10 display and went over - ended up with a whole load of staff from PC world hanging around it drooling over the demo. It looked absolutely fab and they had a whole variety of iPhone 5/ Samsung S3 etc but seemed to love it.”

“Loving my Z10! Exceptionaly fast, loving the voice features and the flow experience.”