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Originally Posted by davidrhenley View Post
I first noticed in December 2012 that my coolant level was low because the warning light came on. Long story short I added 1/2 gallon of distilled water and the light has stayed off since.

Today I decided to check the level and the stick that bobs up in the water was not sticking out. So I added most of the remaining gallon of water to completely fill up the coolant tank.

I have to take it to be serviced for brake fluid so I guess I can ask about it then.


In the meantime, any ideas on what could be happening?

I don't know that much about cars so anything I could say that would keep me from getting completely taken advantage of would be helpful since I'm taking it to the dealership ('cause they give me a loaner car and I'm a single guy without another ride).
Oh no. You may have the dreaded coolant pipe leak that has plagued the N62 engine. Do a search on this topic as it can be a main factor for such a large loss of coolant.
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