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Gotcha.. mine matches the description in the service bulletin below, but I'm outside of the date range they have listed, I think anyways. Mine was a December 2003 build, but I think it was early December and this says it doesn't apply to anything that early.

However, I wonder if the high mileage on mine has worn something in the valvetronics system to the point that it's basically doing the same thing? I'm at 187K now

edit: I just checked the build date on mine, and I'm at 12/16/03. I have a hard time buying their hard cut off of the last two days for 2003 though. I work in the automotive industry and it just sounds like a supplier had to give a cut off date of when they could have and couldn't have shipped bad parts, so that is the date they went with, wrong or right. The symptoms are dead on though otherwise.

SI B 11 02 05
January 2006
Technical Service
This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. B11 02 05 dated May 2005.
designates changes to this revision
62 Engine - Rough Idle, Misfire Faults after Cold Start
E53 (X5 4.4 i/4.8is); E60, E63/64, E65/66 with N62 from 06/04 up to 02/05 production
Customer may complain of erratic engine idle speed lasting for approximately 20 seconds after a cold start.
Check Engine Soon light may be illuminated and misfire faults for various cylinders (e.g. FC 2742, 2743, 2744,
2745, 2746, 2748, 2749, 274E) may be stored in the DME.
Incorrect tolerances and geometry of Valvetronic intermediate levers are causing uneven cylinder filling during
the transitional cold start period (60 seconds after the engine has been started) when the Valvetronic system is
switching from the initial 6 mm to a minimum 0.3/0.8 mm valve lift.
On a customer complaint basis, and after performing diagnostic procedure described below, replace the
Valvetronic intermediate levers.
Perform basic engine diagnosis (compression, ignition, fuel pressure, etc) to rule out other potential
Allow 2. the engine to cool down.
Connect GT1/DIS loaded with CD 44.0, or higher, to a cold vehicle (coolant temperature below 30
deg C) and from the Function Selection select: "Service Functions", "Drive", "Engine management
ME9", "Test runs" and then "Tolerance test, intermediate lever".
4. Start the engine and follow-up the test plan.
Observe rough running values when idle speed stabilizes. If values are in excess of +/- 2.5 accompanied
with noticeable engine vibration (and sometimes Check Engine Soon flashing), then remove valve covers
on both banks.
Look for the intermediate lever production date (stamped on the lever, next to the smaller roller
contacting the eccentric shaft).
If the production date is in the range between "04 180" and "04 324" (e.g. day 324 of the year 2004),
then the whole set of intermediate levers (16) has to be replaced. The same classification of levers must
be used when ordering the intermediate levers (classification number is stamped below production date).
There are 5 classifications of levers used in the N62 engine.
ote: In an individual cylinder head, all levers must have the same classification, but two different
classification of intermediate levers may be used in one engine (e.g. bank 1: classification 2, bank 2:
1 of 3
classification 3).
Important: The lower production range of the affected intermediate levers is only an approximation. It is
possible that levers produced prior to "04 180" (but not earlier then "03 363") may have certain deviations in
For Valvetronic intermediate lever replacement procedure, refer to RA 11 37 012 (bank 1) and RA 11 37
014 (bank 2), found in BMW TIS.
Improved intermediate levers are currently available from 1. our Parts Department.
In the event of a reproducible customer complaint proceed with the diagnostic and repair procedure.
There is no need to contact Technical Hotline.
Part umber Description Quantity
11 37 7 516 895 Intermediate levers class 1 Maximum 16
11 37 7 514 012 Intermediate levers class 2 Maximum 16
11 37 7 514 013 Intermediate levers class 3 Maximum 16
11 37 7 514 014 Intermediate levers class 4 Maximum 16
11 37 7 514 015 Intermediate levers class 5 Maximum 16
11 12 7 513 194 Valve cover gasket bank 1 1
11 12 7 513 195 Valve cover gasket bank 2 1
11 31 7 507 432 Tensioner sealing ring 2
07 11 9 903 596 Valvetronic motor spacer ring 2
11 14 7 506 424 Timing chain cover, u-shape metal gasket, bank 1 1
11 14 7 506 425 Timing chain cover, u-shape metal gasket, bank 2 1
11 36 7 513 222 Vanos solenoid O-ring 4
11 36 7 546 379 Vanos solenoid O-ring 4
11 36 7 501 423 Vanos unit bolts 4
12 14 1 748 398 Cam sensor o-rings 4
11 12 7 518 420 Eccentric shaft sensor o-ring 2
It is not necessary to replace spark plugs tubes during a course of this repair.
Covered under the terms of the BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Defect Code 11 37 91 42 00
2 of 3
Labor Operation: Labor Allowance:
Main work: 00 55 453 93 FRU E53 X5 4.4i/4.8is
91 FRU E65/66
102 FRU E60, E63/64
+Associated work: 00 55 793 91 FRU E53 X5 4.4i/4.8is
90 FRU E65/66
100 FRU E60, E63/64
Note: The following explanations will spell out the correct use of the work times.
Main Work:
Use this labor operation number when the only repair performed is the
listed warranty repair.
Use this labor operation number when other repairs or services are
performed along with the listed warranty repair.
Under no circumstances should both labor operation numbers be claimed.
Attempts to claim both times will result in an unnecessary delay in claim
processing and payment.
[ Copyright 2006 BMW of North America, LLC ]
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