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Originally Posted by LegendsNeverDie View Post
You are right but the competition is tougher than ever before and what is my incentive then for picking the 3 over the IS, A4 or C class? In the past it was the "sporty" feeling but not anymore. Does it look better than the A4 or the C? Not really. Tech or Luxury? Nope. Price? Nope. Then what?
Here's the irony:

Because of the performance enthusiast population pumping the car up and buying lots of M3's, those who are just in it for the badge get the bonus of being cloaked in a shroud of trendy sportiness.

An Audi says "graduated from a Passat, can't afford a luxury car".

A Mercedes says "this guy has money, is on the way up".

A BMW says "this guy has money, is on the way up, and he's kicking ass to get there".

BMW has been portrayed in TV shows, movies, rock songs, hip-hop songs for decades as the car to own for just this reason. It's the cool-man's luxury car. Not some stuffy soft thing like a Mercedes, not some rebadged VW like an Audi. Most who buy a BMW are not in it for the quality or the ride characteristics. They're in it for how it makes them look.

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