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Originally Posted by dc_wright View Post
It can be pretty challenging. For your set up you you've got a lot going. I'll try and lay it out in steps.

OEM wheels are 46mm offset and 7 inch width.

Your wheels are 8.5 inches and 43mm offset.

46mm - 43mm gives 3mm offset outward.

The width increase adds 38mm of width over the 7 inch which is divided in half. Half inboard and half outboard or 19mm each way which moves the inner rim in by 19mm.

You already got 3mm out minus 19mm in gives you net 16mm inward increase.

The 15mm spacer moves you outboard again giving you a net inboard offset of 1mm which is nominal.

With the inboard side established back to about the normal, you've also added 19mm outboard (the other half of the 38mm) which closed up the gap between the tire and the fender.

Net of all this, you need the 15mm spacers since you can't go inboard any. Fender roll and pull or dropping in tire width to 215/40 should fix any rub.
As odd as it may seem. I have a much better understanding of it now. I'm dropping the spacer size. If that doesn't fix it will be more pulling. Really don't want the tire width to go any smaller.

Thanks again

EDIT: Now that I read it again, going to a smaller spacer would result in less inside clearance and I might hit my springs from the coils? When I say reduction in spacer I'm talking less than 5mm drop in size. Would that net inward increase of ~6mm be enough to cause any issues?
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