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Have you considered bad fuel? I am having similar problem. I finally got everything finished on the engine I was installing in my touring and tried to start it last night. It turns over and tries to start but stalls out after multiple misfires. I was lazy about checking my fuel quality. There was about a quarter tank in there for at least the past 10 months. Ethanol fuel will undergo phase separation if it sits long enough and the fuel will become a two layered form of weasel piss that is not very good for internal combustion engines. I put Stabil in my fuel but a friend told me that it really only protects for about 6 months. I tried putting 5 gallons of fresh fuel in without draining the old fuel out in the hopes that the mix would work but had no success. I am sure I am getting spark and must be getting some fuel because it did fire a little. My strong suspicion is bad fuel that has separated.

When ethanol fuel separates, I think one of the layers is thicker and possibly could clog or damage the fuel pump. It has been a while since I read up on this and not sure if my memory is accurate. Anyway, you may want to pull the fuel pump and look in your tank. That is going to me my next step.

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