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UK BB10 Customers

"I went into town today to try the Z10 and see how it stands against the iPhone 5. I must say I loved almost everything about the Z10, seriously considering ditching my iPhone 5 for the Z10 as soon as I find a buyer."

"Vodafone had sold out of all online ordered stock by 3pm yesterday 31st. My order could not be fulfilled until more stock was available this morning and my Z10 will be with me on Monday."

"The UK had several hundred thousand in stores on release. Most stores are sold out. Resupply not coming till Monday."

"Well I have had to actively hunt for one (UK). All local stores (Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U) sold out. Eventually had to order online, and will not get it for a few days."

"I have g-mail, yahoo-mail and sky mail set up on mine and they all work super-dooper, and I'm on EE as well."

"I am a very impressed Android-to-BB10 convert. I bought out of my contract after two minutes playing with one. What a bit of kit though. Mrs and daughter are well impressed with the flashy face time shift thingy. I like USB mass storage and the very snazzy clock app."

"I haven't fully charged it yet but i would say 80% has gotten me through from 10AM to 6PM with around 30% left now and that's with most of the day browsing the internet and playing games so it looks pretty good so far!"

"This phone is epic. Its keyboard really is as good as they made it out to me. I just guess the keys and 96% of the time I'm right. Once whatsapp and Skype get here it will be the perfect phone. I thought the transition from physical keyboard to on screen would be slow and painful but after an hour I was zipping around like crazy. I know it hurts for you guys but the wait will be worth it. Don't get another phone guys!!!!!!!!"

"I've hated touchscreen with a passion for years and was gunning for the Q10 for that reason. Having received the Z10 on launch day, all I can say is WOW. The keyboard is amazing. I actually type faster then ever before thanks to the awesome predictive text. You also have the swipe gesture that is great for typing one hand, but the way in which it starts to 'learn' how you type is very impressive. This is without a doubt, the best keyboard on any smartphone out there today."

"I find transitioning from BBOS to BB10 to be seamless and no problem at all, though I came from an OS 6 device. Just connected the phone, open BB Link, said the device was not supported and gave me a transfer button. Once that was clicked the process went on from there. There are demos on the BB10 site and I also found the user guide online."

"Two features I really liked were photo cropping and using the keyboard in landscape."

"You can screen capture by pressing the up and down volume key at the same time just like on the Playbook. BBM works on ANY normal data plan - BIS is not needed on BB10 for anything to work."

"I got an email from BlackBerry this morning saying BlackBerry Protect will transfer all my phone info using BlackBerry ID. You would not require BIS you just go to a standard smartphone plan."

"Got mine at the London launch event, now my first impressions are very influenced by the fact I had a dev alpha, so the UI and stuff isn't new to me, but this phone makes the dev alpha A seem slow, the keyboard is insanely fast and very accurate.
As for the hardware, I really like it although of course its way too soon for any battery life comparisons, plus I'm sure I'll kill the battery every few hours with the old `new phone syndrome` kicking in and playing with every feature as we all do with a new toy.
For me the nicest touch which I haven't seen anyone bring up, is if you are playing your music but in ANY other app, simply tap the volume key and it bring a on screen popup which allows you to skip tracks. Kinda like what you got if you tapped the play icon in the taskbar on the playbook, but no gestures and stuff needed.
If you enable Music Shortcuts in the System Volume settings, it allows skip tracks. Being able to skip tracks by holding down the volume key is one of the best features on BlackBerry's. I hate listening to music on my iPhone because you have to turn on your phone to skip tracks.
Overall though very impressed, sure there's little bits which could be enhanced, but I'm sure we could say that of any OS out there.
Just thought it was worth pointing out the `top album` on BB World? Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire.
All the UK models are LTE ready."

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