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UK BB10 Customers – Vodafone (Verizon partner)

“So far feels great to use. The transitions between screens are always exceptionally fluid. Email and messages all in one easy to get to hub. Truly stunning multitasking and a touchscreen keyboard that's an absolute joy to use. Best Blackberry ever.”

“I've just tried this in-store. It’s excellent and mutli-tasks so well, and even hooks up to my TV and also has streaming video and music store and very Hi-Res screen to watch the movies on. Genuinely a 4G phone. It has expandable memory, which is a really good feature. The Bluetooth capabilities are so much more than just headphones. The user interface is great, more like a laptop. It’s different in a very good way and will put some people into shock mode where it is so usable once they have got over how their last smartphone works.”

“I have used this device and was amazed at how I could add 2 gmail accounts, a yahoo account, hotmail account, facebook account, twitter and linked in accounts on this device with so much ease. On top of that I can manage all the calenders separate or integrate them! Genius!
On media side of things picture quality is really good, the video player is awesome...mkv, avi and mpeg files work without any issues...standard HDMI out means I can use same cable from my HTC.
The movie maker and picture editors are awesome too!
App support is and whatsapp will be added soon.”

“Just fall in love with my all new BB Z10. A great phone with lots of cool features. Easy to use, great design, brand new feature BB Hub, better security & lots more. 1.5 G Dual core processor gives an awesome performance.
Best smartphone for both your personal and Business purpose. Trust me this is the phone all BB Fans like me been waiting for! I do agree BB10 OS does not come with millions of apps. But it’s loaded with enough!”

“I was an avid iPhone user, and have every one of the iPhones starting with the 3G. Everything that I liked about the iPhone is offered on the BB10 and even better, quicker. The keyboard is fantastic (I am still getting use to it, but even from the start is far better than iPhone5).
The fact that I can remove the back and replace the battery and upgrade the memory is in FANTASTIC!
The HDMI connection is also a WOW.”

“Got my Z10 yesterday in store, took a while to learn the new OS but once I got the hang of it things became so much easier.
The peek and flow idea works really well and the touchscreen is a dream.
high powered makes everything so fast, internet browsing is already very quick, texting is very good. The new App World is a million times better.
Overall it’s an amazing phone.”

“I picked up my Z10 from the Vodafone store this morning and I am so pleased with it. I have owned the iPhone 4S and 5 and to be honest the Z10 is so much better. The feel of the phone in your hand is a lot nicer than the iPhone and it’s got a better display and faster processor. The only downside of then Z10 is there aren't as many apps as there are on other phones.
All in all it is a fantastic phone and BlackBerry is back!”

“This phone is incredible and definitely lives up the hype. As a user of both Apple and Samsung I can confidently say that it surpasses both in terms of quality and performance. Consider the switch!”

“BlackBerry phones in my opinion have always been brilliant business phones. What do you want one for? Emails and BBM. That will always be their unique selling point as quite frankly, they do this better than everyone else.
This phone is not a toy. It is not a social medium. It is not a piece of entertainment equipment. Hence those functions are not spectacular. They are just good enough. Eg, the camera; definitely not the best. On a business perspective, so what? Its not needed. But again, on a social perspective, we all like to take a few pictures every now and then. The camera IS good enough.
The OS is different. VERY different. Takes a bit of time to get used to but as with all new OS launches, it’s the same thing. You get it, learn your way around it, then it gets upgraded to use the same interface. Within an hour, you will get very comfortable.
This is a very good attempt for RIM to enter the smartphone market PROPERLY. If you're looking for apps and games, give it time but as I said, this in my opinion is back to what RIM do best; corporate style. Ignore the biased reviews that clearly talk about app functionality. You will not find a better phone,”