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Exclamation The Dealer Accepted to replace a defected car, But wants to apply a price increase.!!

Hello All,

Re my previous post regarding teh RPM issue as per the thread :

I had an approval from the dealer to repalce my Car with a brand new one.. However, they Just called and told me that the car price was increased by 3.5% which is equivalant to USD 2500. In Egytian pounds EGP 15,000..

They justified the increase is due to a new option (Folding Mirrors) . Is this my problem.. shall be liable for such increase for a defect from their factory.. why shoudl I bare such increase, I have the full amount paid an they have the money for more than 10 days after i returned the car.

When I objected on the increase, they offered me to accept the old car after fixing it which will take another 10 days from now, and they can compensate me with an Extra year warantee.. or to refund the money..

Is this legal ... to return a defected product and replace it with another and burden me with an increase... I wonder if the case was the opposite. i.e. If the price decreased? would they replace it with another and refund the difference??? of course NO.

I need some opinions ..shall I discuss with them or shall I esclate the isuue to BMW AG ..

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