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Originally Posted by SlimKlim View Post
Speaking of possessed cars, I finally got fed up with the ridiculous amount of salt caked on my car and stopped at an automated wash place. It caused my alarm to start going nuts, locking and unlocking the door, then it wouldn't start after I got my coffee. I reset the battery and tried it a few more times to get it to start. The alarm light was on solid, and it kept randomly unlocking and locking on the rest of my way in. After about 5 minutes it stopped, then the alarm light just went out, and when I got to the garage at work, it would restart, however the fob no longer locks the car.

Its some sh!tty Clifford alarm that I've never liked, so I don't particularly care if its dead, but I gots big issues if its going to keep preventing the car from starting.
My old alarm did something similar. Except it decided I'd stolen my car and so shut the car completely the middle of the highway, at night, while I was driving, not even hazards came on. Funny part was the first thing out of my moms mouth was how did the cops shut down your car to pull you over?

Go on a hunt under the dash and start pulling out the nonsense that is affiliated with the alarm. That fixed my evil alarm.

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... We all kinda just ignore Amber (barbie) anyway. She's sort of our attitude and eye candy here, that's why we keep her around...