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Originally Posted by jonesin View Post
A few years ago now, I tried going into my bank to withdraw $8k to buy a car. They told me that they "didn't have enough on hand, so I'd have to book an appointment, that or they'd call ahead to another branch and let them know I was coming".

Now on the surface, these both seem legit, but how the hell am I supposed to know that Skippy won't just call up a buddy and tell them that a guy would be at this location at this time with this much $ on him? Call me paranoid, but I was pissed. It was my money, they most assuredly had $8k on hand, and they want me to take extra risks for what possible reason?
Actually, it's not that simple. Branches can only have so much cash on hand. If they've had some very large withdraws and haven't taken in as much as they usually would, they could be running low. They need to keep a minimum on hand to service the other 95% of people who just need a little, and giving 8k to one person could put them in a bad spot.

Giving someone half or less and calling ahead to another branch is actually pretty common.

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