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Originally Posted by upallnight View Post
There are people on this forum as well as other forums that regrets buying a used X after they learn what it cost to keep them running. Not everyone is a DIYer, and some DIY job requires special tools that cost hundred of dollars for just a one time use. People should realize that these are just cars and nothing special. They are surprise that suspension pieces such as thrust arms need to be replaced on a mileage bases, whereas before coming from another car other than a BM Trouble U they never had to touch the suspension. They are nice cars when they are brand new with a warranty, but they are more costly to repair once they go out of warranty.
That may very well be, but look at the OP. Seeing that they are coming from 2 X5's and are questioning another don't you think that the advice given should be sound rather than negative as they have surely experienced those issues before in some way or another?
I'm just looking at it from the OP's perspective. You are speaking the truth, but if they've been slammed before and want to continue getting slammed that probably means they weren't getting slammed in the first place. So if all experiences were great and taken care of with the first two, I'm sure they can hold their own with the third.
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