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Originally Posted by Jamesonsviggen View Post
You skipped the part of the article that says the n20 f30 is an example of the good downsizing as it gets the mpg claimed as CR is averaging 28mpg.
"One benefit to the turbocharged engines is an abundance of torque at low to mid rpm. In daily driving, this means a more effortless feeling of thrust with reduced need to downshift while climbing hills or when delivering the kind of moderate acceleration most drivers demand. That can make a car feel more responsive, even if its actual acceleration times from a standstill are slower. However, not all of these turbocharged models deliver that benefit. Many, especially those smaller 1.4- and 1.6-liter engines, still downshift frequently to keep up with traffic. And all but one of the tested cars have slower mid-range acceleration from 45-65 mph.
In contrast, BMW's turbocharged four-cylinder engines seem to deliver both good fuel economy and acceleration: The 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder contributes to 28 mpg overall in our last tested 328i sedan. It improved mileage only marginally in the 2013 X3 SUV compared to the six-cylinder 2011 X3 we tested, with essentially identical power and acceleration but somewhat comprised refinement."

So you took an article which is slamming the small displacement turbos for not offering better speed or mpg compared to larger displacements, yet specifically praises the F30 and you omit that and focus on the X3(in the F30 section no less) to try and prove your (biased)agenda.


Way to be impartial.
You invented that 328i reference and it is not in that specific article. The only N20 reference is the X3, and the results speak for themselves.

Way to distort the facts.
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