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Originally Posted by Frenchyrider267 View Post
I have under 110k on my 2004 525i which has a production date of 11/2003. I'm sure if I went in with this bulletin they would find a way NOT to have to do this without first requiring me to pay a $250 diagnostics fee to see if there are any other underlying issues. Nice to have an older Bimmer eh?
Tis lovely, lol

I left my laptop in the car last night so I could at least try to get some information on what was going on this morning when I started it, but of course I was running late for work and didn't get the laptop booted up until I was out of the parking lot, then the battery died on the laptop, so I didn't really get any new info, gah

Before it died I did see something about the air density that was completely off the charts, so I need to investigate that more. It may have been completely normal but it was definitely off of the scale that INPA had

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