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Originally Posted by bmwoem1 View Post
I was thinking you had a 530i for some reason.... Since you have a 545i, that's a different story... That rough cold start idle is usually due to your minimum valve lift adjustment. It's set at 0.3mm from factory. I set it 0.8 and raise the idle about 50 rpm when I come across this complaint.... You would need a bmw dealer scan tool to do it... Not sure about the aftermarket stuff
Heck yeah, that gives me hope anyways! Thank you for the advice.

I have seen adjustments for this in INPA, but am unsure if they are something that stay set after you exit or not. I raised my idle speed slightly the other day and it didn't store the new setting after I turned the car off

I have a copy of ISTA/D and ISTA/P using an ICOM emulator. ISTA/D works great. ISTA/P locks up the iDrive screen every time I try to use it. I have to pull the battery cable to get it to reset, so I'm not going to give that one another shot.

I need to do some reading as to whether I can do this adjustment in ISTA/D or not. Do you happen to know, or are you guys using different software now?
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