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Originally Posted by vatoman View Post
At battery car on 13.5 it will go up but not much within spec. In sleep I get odd numbers it fluctuates about .75 but it well drop then rise. Obc shows the alternator at 13.7. So good there I haven't ruled out nav or amp. All I do hear is clicking. Like the actuator flap moving.
You don't mention the units - but if you used the OBC readout, you must be talking volts.
Volts are fine if you're testing the final state of charge of the battery - but for locating "parasites" causing that battery drain, you need to look at amps (essentially amps are the instantaneous slope telling you direction & magnitude whereas volts are merely the final integration of the area under the curve). Volts are great to tell you that your final state is a dead battery - but - amps are what you need to isolate parasitic leakage at any point in time.

Originally Posted by vatoman View Post
I'm dead currently going to go buy one of those jumper things sick of asking for jump.
I would recommend against buying a portable car jumper until/unless you FIRST buy a good set of jumper cables and a digital multimeter (DMM)!
Then, buy a good battery charger and a good (long & thick, preferably with an LED on the end for night work) extension cord.

After you have those essential items, then (and only then) would I even consider spending any money on a 'jumper thing".
Personally, I think portable car jump starters are problematic for the following reasons:
  • They cost money, consume storage space, and require maintenance - all of which should first go toward the more essential tools I mentioned
  • They have batteries too - so they wear out just like any other battery - so they're more likely to be dead 10 years from now, than alive, when you need them
  • A 6A charger will charge a battery well enough to start in fifteen minutes (or so) anyway
  • There's (almost) always a 12V battery nearby for emergencies anyway, if you don't have time to charge your battery with the charger
Caveat: I'm not against tools (tools are free), so if you 'really' want that portable jump starter, by all means go get it - but - don't even think about it until you already have:
  • Good jumper cables (thick gauge wire, strong jaws, convenient wrapup)
  • Good DMM (Fluke is my preference - but Craftsman works just as well)
  • Good battery charger (my 4A charger works fine but 6A might be nicer)
  • Good extension cord (mine is 100', LED lighted, and heavy gauge wire)
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
See also: E39 Bestlinks & How to easily find what you need

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