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Originally Posted by SailinSand View Post
thanks everyone. I'm in a splint. x rays again in two weeks. It's a possible Scaphiod fx, but now that the swelling has gone's not quite as painful. (so thinking i may have just hit it hard in the fall-and its not fx)
I know I went to the right doc when his first questions were- what are you training for and when's the race!
They said no swimming or riding until the second set of xrays....but overall i should be set for Ironman Cairns.
We spent most of last night looking at flights and places to stay for the race...and OMG looking at the diff flights, travel time is 24-30+hrs with the flight to Australia being 16ahous alone. EEK!!!

Kat-Sorry I missed your call! We are early to bed folks! LOL

How is the baby?! How are you and hubster doing?!

update: joined the cult again- reactivated FB. I don't have contact for like half my extended family - otherwise they may not have known we got married. LMAO
O no . But I'm glad you will be ok for the Iron man! Lol yeah I saw you back on fb my first thought was did my fb have a glitch!?

Lol no worries I forgot you guys went to sleep early! Baby is good he's a big boy he looks like a one month old! And as for B and my self we are good just getting a lot done all at one time, I'm still sore from the c section and hate this binder I'm in

Update: I remember why I dislike cats so much....
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