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Originally Posted by danderer View Post
Dealership is still researching but they report they had another employee drive a car they had on the lot with DHP. The report: "He couldn't tell the difference on that car either."

So I now have 3 people (one being me) reporting on two different cars that they feel no difference.

I thought I'd go back and close the loop on this one.
  • I couldn't feel any difference between Comfort and Sport/Sport+ modes in the suspension.
  • Had my CA drive the car and he agreed there was no difference.
  • Was told someone else at the dealership had driven a different car with DHP and they reported no difference.
  • BMW NA said to have it brought in for service.

In the interim I was able to create a couple situations where I thought I felt a difference, though less than I would have expected.
  • Service department test-drove the car yesterday and reported it felt correct. They went through the system and reported everything - sensors and struts - were working correctly.
  • Service manager took me out for a drive afterwards. Again in several situations I felt a difference, though the manager did agree the difference isn't all that great.

My conclusion: It works, but my expectations were too high.
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