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Originally Posted by rpocngold View Post
Looks great but BMW has not released tongue weight and towing cap for the X1 Earlier post you stated 250/2500 Wish they would just give us the figures so we can make a decision
Well, yes and no... First you have to understand that whenever BMW issues a tow rating for one of their vehicles, they do so based on using a specific BMW Original Equipment hitch on the vehicle. They never simply "tow rate" the vehicle itself, independent of the hitch used.

So, you are correct that BMWNA has not released a tow rating for the X1. But this is only because BMWNA made the decision to market the X1 in North America without an OE hitch option. So unless they change their mind about that, BMWNA will probably never release an official tow rating for this vehicle. (Because, again, they don't tow rate the vehicle independent of the hitch used).

However, if you want to know what BMW says about how much you can safely tow with the X1, you can find that info internationally because in most other parts of the world, BMW does offer an Original Equipment hitch for the X1. And in some of those areas, the BMW OE hitch is my company's invisihitch. In those areas, BMW specifies the maximum trailer weight for the X1 as a whopping 3,740 lbs to 4,400 lbs depending on the engine and whether equipped with xDrive. [ See pp 70-71 of the X1 international brochure downloadable at ].

Those are some impressive tow ratings by BMW for the X1. But keep in mind that those ratings are based on using a hitch that does not have any forward/aft play, which is very unusual in the U.S. hitch market. Most U.S. hitches use a sliding square pipe inside another square pipe, with a cross pin. That results in significant forward/aft play.

As a practical matter, your trailer load is going to be limited by the relatively low tongue-weight capability of the X1 chassis itself. But if you keep your tongue weight down to about 200 lbs, you can tow a significant load with the X1 per BMW's own international tow ratings for the vehicle. Of course you would need a hitch that was designed for such loads...

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