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Originally Posted by Davidf View Post
I suggest you stay away from silicon RTV. IMHO, Permatex #2 is more appropriate for this job. I agree that the cam seal ring(s) does not need to be replaced. I also suggest following TIS when doing this job (specifically cam removal) as it gives important precautions on what to do and what NOT to do. Leaking valve seals usually contribute to carbon build-up in the secondary air ports. Removing the heads to replace the seals offers the opportunity to clean the carbon out of the secondary air ports. By the time you disassemble the head to get to the valve seals, removing the heads are just a few steps more work. Head gaskets are pricey, but new bolts are not. Probably adds about $250 in parts costs to remove heads.

I also have leaking seals and will be doing this work soon. I am debating head removal or not as my engine is throwing the "low flow secondary air bank 2) fault code. Carboned up for sure. AGA is supposedly comiing up with a cleaning kit, but will cost about $250 which is same as added parts cost to remove heads. What to do???????
I see you are here in Austin. I am about to do the same thing, but I am definitely going to pull the heads to get at the carbon. I bought the cam alignment tools already. If you want to borrow them after I am done, let me know.
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