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For the crosslinked record, there is some information for those who try the key and fail (due to not turning it enough) in this thread today:
Originally Posted by bmwman47 View Post
My son left his 1998 528 stand several days
with a dead battery. Tonight we could not even open the doors or trunk. Any ideas what we should do besides calling a locksmith.?
EDIT: Bringing over some of the knowledge from that thread to keep it all together for the next person to benefit.
Originally Posted by QSilver7 View Post
I still don't get it...if you have a can open the trunk or the door manually. The probability of both the trunk AND the door not opening manually is rare. If you can open either one...then there's no need to jack up the car. If you can open the door manually, then you can also open the hood once the door is open and apply cables to the jump start location in the hood which will give you enough power to electrically open the trunk and other doors.

If the driver's door can't be opened manually after inserting the key and turning (or lubricating the lock cylinder if it is seized from non use)...then the trunk can be manually opened and jumper cables applied to the battery...which will supply enough power to use the remote key to unlock the car doors.

(driver's door w/key turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise to the MANUAL UNLOCK position)

(electronic actuation @ 45 degrees...manual actuation @ 90 degrees)

If your door and trunk lock cylinder do NOT turn 90 degrees right/left...then for GAWD sake...take the time to lubricate them so that they work properly!! A can of lubricant with a "straw"...insert the straw into the lock cylinder and a couple of squirts should do the job.

Originally Posted by cn90 View Post

Follow QSilver instructions.

However, if that fails...This is a little known secret, on the driver's side chassis, if you crawl from underneath looking upward, there is a Positive Post that feeds the Starter Motor.

In desperate situation, one can apply some voltage to open doors by using appropriate alligator clips wire:
- One clip goes to this Positive Post.
- Another Clip goes to Transmission Housing or any ground
(Just make sure you don't short the wires).
- Then connect both wires to a donor car's battery (any car with 12V battery).
- Lift the LF wheel up and rest in on some wood ramps.
Or you can use jackstand.
- Crawl underneath, you will see the red post, where the wire feeding the starter motor comes from.

Now you can use your key remote to open the door.

Originally Posted by occhis View Post
What they are trying to tell you is that no electricity is needed to unlock with the key manually. With the key in the door lock, turn the key counter clockwise. You will encounter some resistance but keep turning (about 90 degrees) and that manual action will push the lock button on the door up, thereby allowing you to open the door.
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