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Over the past few weeks there were many thoughtful posts re: BMW significant quality and reliability issues.
However , it seemed that the flow of these pointed to many of these 'issues' being solved after a model
has been out for 2-3 years or so.
It would seem to me that since BMW will be relying on current engines that have now
become fairly reliable, that the risk of buying a 'first year out' model would be lessened.
The electronics on the F15 will also most likely use those that are in the most current models that have already
gone through the update process along with the probable adaptation of the 8 speed trans.- which has also been reliable.
My question is- Where would this assumed 'unreliability' rear it's ugly head? Where will there be the most failures
based on past iterations?
I currently own a '13 528iX and after 13M miles haven't had one issue whatsoever. Zero.
A larger X5 would be just what I am looking for ( I am currently in a '11 Lexus GX460
and loath this vehicle) . The current X5 just doesn't have enough cargo space for my needs and
gas mileage is also pretty bad. It seems the vehicle ( I love my 528) for me- but I do not want to
have to deal with what many posters on this board have to say about first year reliability.
Thanks for any insight.
2013 528iX
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