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Originally Posted by FredoinSF View Post
You can get an A4 Quattro (direct competitor to the 328i xdrive) with a manual. Seems like the S4 manual is also readily available on dealer lots. Been trying to test drive a 335i in either RWD or xdrive for a couple fo weeks and no dealers in either Reno or SF / East Bay have any in stock.
While I would probably lean towards a 335, I would like to at least drive one with a stick before I decide to give BMW 60 grand after tax and registatration. Given recent experience with BMW clutch delay valves and a weak clutch in a MINI Countryman, I'm not going to order without a nice test drive.
If I'm being rail roaded into an automatic, alternatives to BMW open up even further.
That does suck the 328 is not offered in a manual with X-drive, trust me I know. But the 335x is and pretty much every iteration of M Car including the big M5. Audi will not let you have a manual in anything bigger than the A/S/4/5.

So while it sucks about the 328, if you go model by model, you will find that Audi does not offer more manuals.

My dealer had a manual to test drive, hell it was there loaner as they keep one for a loaner for the guys like me. It's regional and depends on your dealer.

Originally Posted by kpgray View Post
Back in the late 70s & 80s everyone thought the demise of the manual trans was around the corner because of environmental regulation of exhaust. When you shift gears, the momentary let off the throttle as you change gears would create a "puff" that kept some cars from passing emissions! Many cars were available with sticks but not in California because of the stringent regulations. At that time people talked about the death of the stick shift!

Back in 1987, 29% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. were manual transmission, but by 2010 manuals comprised just under 4%. However, 7% of new cars sold were manuals in 2012! From the news I heard the other day that I found most interesting was of teen drivers, the ones who drove sticks were safer! I guess the free hand was used for something other than texting.

From article:

One thing that is different now, the manual has more competition. The clutchless manuals, cvts and mult-gear(7-8-9spd)automatics all provide a much better case for themselves compared to the 3spd and 4spd automatics of the 70's and 80's.

It used to be the manual had better fuel economy and often a second faster in 0-60. Today, its almost the opposite. The DCT cars show better acceleration and often better fuel economy. You also got a decent savings by buying the manual, now it's a "no cost option"

But I am a bit old in my thinking. I want 3 pedals even though I know it's compromised. If the 335 were auto only and the same price as a 328 manual, I would STILL take the 328. Quite often I look right past a car if it is not offered in a manual, no matter how compelling.

Now your figures of 2010 vs 2012 manuals going up, I think that might have something to do with the small car. There are more small cars being offered for sale and those cars and buyers are more typical to select a manual. Just look at the Fiat 500. Its crazy how many are on the local lots in stock with a manual.

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