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Originally Posted by eborgelin View Post
A visible ZKW mark is located on the headlight glass, you do not need to lift the hood to validate assembly type. AL lights are not marked in the same way, so if you can't see the mark it is probably an AL assembly.
Welcome to the forum, and thank you for letting us know that this problem is not confined to cars sold in the U.S.

One comment on the above: there has been discussion on this and other forums regarding interchangeability between AL, ZKW and possibly other brands of headlight covers. Consequently, reading the markings on the covers should not be considered a reliable method of identifying the headlight manufacturer.

We have found two ways to identify, definitively, the headlight manufacturer. One way is to look for the manufacturer's label on the top side of the assembly. The label is often hidden by the metal headlight support. The second way is to look at the projector lens; if it has a frosted appearance and a horizontal line milled across it, it's an AL projector. If the lens is crystal clear and has no line, then it's a ZKW projector.

Note: I have only worked with U.S.-spec bi-xenon headlights, so I have not been able to confirm that the Euro-spec projector lenses have the same identifying features described above. Eborgelin, since you are running one ZKW headlight and one AL headlight on your car, please let us know if the projector lenses look different.
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