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I can see a paddle of oil of about 5 inches after a day regarding to location it's hard to tell where it's coming from since I can't take the belly pan by myself (no proper tools/lack of dedication...)
But my guess is that is coming from the drivers' side. The mechanic said that the only way to find out is to elevate the car take the belly pan out, pressure clean it (degreaser) and then follow the fresh oil after a while.
I think that's the best bet since there's little risk of diagnosing the wrong cause of the leak.
I'm a DIY supporter to the point of taking apart the cylinder head to replace broken gaskets (my dodge stratus + lots of time on my hands), but oil leaks are a different animal, too many parts involved that need disassembling to access the "possible" problem.
I will take it to the mechanic, making sure beforehand that I don't intend going into a never-ending goose chase, just so they won't come back at you with a sad story about other issues that they couldn't see.

Open engine, degreased = You better find the right leak!

Regarding the antifreeze leak, e65 and e66 are known for this common issue, mine had a leaking pipe somewhere. (mechanic called me and I gave the ok) he charged me $60 to replace. Maybe this is your case? But get on that right away; oil you can keep adding, coolant: you don't run low of!!

Bottom line is to ask yourself: it is all worth it? And I answered myself: Yes! you wont find a smoother car with 150k miles on!

Best of lucks!

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