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Originally Posted by joebiron View Post
This is a great post that cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I'm negotiating on a 2009 328i withOUT iDrive or BMW Assist/Bluetooth.

This post clearly explains that I will need the Y-cable.

Question: was this infamous y-cable provided with the vehicle? Should I be expecting that it is stuffed in the glovebox somewhere on this CPO vehicle I'm looking to buy?

If not, then I guess I'll buy one, but on ShowBMWUsa all I see is

Which is an even more confusing monstrosity, and it's $100! Moreover it does not look at all like what I expected to see. Why the power adapter when it should be able to charge through USB? Where's the Apple connector cable part? See what I mean...confusing.

I see some on Amazon but with dubious reviews.

At least that one looks like what I expected to see.

Any ideas?

Just get a male to male cable at Radio Shack for $10 or so and you will be set.
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