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During a recent BMW plant tour in Germany. I asked the tour guide why didn't they have the rodots do a particular assembly job (rear door attachment). He reply is that they needed to leave a sufficient number of jobs for the humans.

In this particular job, the door is delivered via an elevator to the assembly line. The worker operating a rig suspended for the ceiling attaches the rig to the door window with a suction cup. Using the rug he walks to the car with the door. He spins around the door which is aligned by the rig and he screws in the door with a power screw driver. He pushes a button and the rig returns to the original position for the next door. Between stations there are cameras which perform quality control checks via automated image recognition to see if the parts are aligned correctly. When a coupe or convertible comes through, the worker gets a break. Truly a job for a robot, but for a human, his/her particular nationality truly isn't important.

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