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Originally Posted by Frank Rizzo View Post
Given that the there is a piece of romex hanging in the breeze off the bottom of your switch box, you might want to check your particular installation though. Maybe someone not familiar with the intricacies of AL wiring was fiddling around?

Ever looked into the foundation settling issue?
Are you talking ab the yellow wire or the white? The yellow is new copper from the remodel 9 years ago. The white is aluminum that comes up from conduit in the slab. Either way, the electrician was far from done at that point. We moved switches, outlets and all sorts of things electrical.

We did fail the first electrical inspection because of some left over sloppy wiring from the first remodel. It felt good to have that all buttoned up after a motivated inspector demanded it. I didn't mind paying for a return trip or two, either. Electrical fires are not my cup of tea. We passed the second with flying colors though.

And yes. Our foundation did settle (at some point) or at least cracked. I saw a nice crack when we ripped up the carpet to install the hardwood floors. However, all the doors line up and we've lost no bricks or have any cracks in them. I suspect it was an (shutter) earthquake that I recall some time ago. The Cali folks would think this non-event was a neighbor's car starting up, but I recall vividly all the stay at home moms popping their heads out their doors to see what had hit their house.
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