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Question Have I been screwed on the 2.7 engine ?

On closer looks I see it is the tyre, not the Rim that is rubbing.
Even stranger is that the205 50 Dunlop are the culprits, while the Bridgestone 225 45 seem narrower WTF ?

What hit me now is the engine number 20 6ka 21777274 The agents tell me this means 2L ? But I have my doubts that they know anything
I was sold a 2.7
Is this now a 2L or 2.7
From a rudimentary stroke measuring it could be a 2.7 but I cannot get a straight rod in the plug hole to check accurately.
Yeah, the head will have to come off in the future to determine what I got, CR etc.

The head is a 277731 casting
What is this
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