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As you can see from my post count, I spend a lot of time here (though not as much as ard), and I don't recall ever seeing these drivability issues on the X5 35D. (Other issues, yes, but not these). I find it curious that your particular dealer has a rash of them. Possible explanations might include:
  • Either BMW Canada or your particular dealer hasn't been doing all the recalls / campaigns we've had in the USA
  • You have some very bad fuel in Edmonton
  • DEF related issues.
The DEF sounds counter-intuitive, but something you mentioned got me wondering. I have heard precisely nothing about an auxiliary heating system for the ENGINE coolant. But I do know several 'Festers have had problems with their auxiliary DEF tanks freexing. (IIRC CDNROCKIES was on that list). A heater for the auxiliary DEF tank would make all the sense in the world.

We have had our 2011 X5D through 3 winters, with lots of sub-zero (F) temps, and zero problems. In fact, we rarely have to wait for the pre-heater before the car will start. I'm sure it is colder in Edmonton, but I would be amazed if that is the issue. My bet is your fuel is the problem.

It is my understanding that the X5 35D has an auxiliary heater for the cabin (Webasco?) which is optional in the EU, but standard in the US. I have no clue whether you get it in Canada. ard probably has the answer to that and will chime in momentarily.

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